For the Love of Weaving

As I sit at my loom weaving I am entranced by the rhythm of the back and forth movement of the shuttle that trails a colorful weft. My feet push the pedals in an up and down motion, prompting the harnesses to move. I weave to create beautiful and functional fabrics that can be used by others. These weavings focus on pattern and color. My inspiration is found in the things around me ñ the different blues you see when looking out over the ocean or a lake; the bright reds, oranges, and browns you see as autumn comes and the leaves begin to fall; the brightness of a sunny spring day and the bright green of the grass and colors of the emerging flowers. These combine within the cloth and interact with one another, creating a symbiotic relationship between these intense, saturated colors that I dye. The patterns I choose for the woven structure are intended to create integrity within the fabric. I want these fabrics to withstand the test of time and their structures are designed to withstand being worn on the body. I am drawn to undulating, echo weaves that create a sense of vibration through color interaction and pattern. The moment one of my weavings comes off the loom and I can touch it, fold it, iron it, wash it ñ it becomes a piece of art that I want others to experience and be able to interact with. For this reason I focus mainly on the shawl format so the cloth can be worn and these weavings can serve a purpose by bringing joy to the lives of others.

Enwrapped In Color

Enwrapped In Color
Shawl Format Color and Pattern Interaction and Integration

Monday, October 18, 2010

Summer Of Love

For the last couple months I have been taking time to look back upon my experiences at the Kansas City Art Institute and re-evaluate from here what direction I need to be going in my life. Knowns: I want to teach. I want to continue with my art. I want to be happy. I want to share my art and the my love of weaving with others. As the seasons change and fall is upon us, I am once again inspired by the reds, the oranges, the vibrant yellows and the subtle browns and purples that surround us. With less equipment, no deadlines, and working, I need to approach my art in a whole different way. Today I vow to sit at the loom and meditate on how to create vibrant, unique, and enriching textiles with much less than I had access to a year ago today. I believe in myself and in my skills, and for this I appreciate my college experience at KCAI more than I can express. I thank everyone who has supported me, and am thankful for each new day. What will start as a simple cream on cream scarf, I will push myself to make into something innovative. This will be just another venture along the way. One Two One Two. Back in action. :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lesson Plan for KCAI Youth Continuing Ed, Art and Nature Painting Class

So, I am getting pretty excited about starting teaching this up and coming week and have been working to come up with lesson plans, overviews of the class for the parents, and interesting projects to play with within this class. While it has nothing to do with weaving, it VERY very much has to do with my dreams of teaching children as a profession and my desire to create a love of art within these students while they are young. This class will be taught to a group of 9-11 year olds, as well as a group of 12-15 year olds. Hope you enjoy, and PLEASE if you have any feedback- don't hold back! Thank you for reading, and all my love.

Art and Nature Painting Overview
Monday – On the first day of class we will make name tags and do introduction games with the students so they feel as if they can talk and share about themselves. We will talk about our favorite outdoor activities and will be sketching and painting their favorite outdoor area. We will go for a walk as a class this first day to pick up sticks, leaves, rocks, etc. for the next days project.
Tuesday – We will then be working on still life drawing and painting today, using a center-piece compiled out of the objects they picked up on the walk the day before. Will have them do sketches from multiple vantage points and have them pick a sketch to enlarge and be able to paint on a larger scale. We will talk about color and texture in these pieces and to end the class will talk about artist signatures.
Wednesday –  On the third day we will talk about magnification, each student choosing an object from nature to hone in on, being able to magnify the most interesting parts of that object and rendering it realistically as possible. Will draw and paint an enlarged, magnified, image of their object. Will work with a photo or magazine clipping of their favorite element in nature and will draw and paint the scene they imagine would be around it.
Thursday –  Today we will go outside and I will designate a specific spot everyone has to stay in. In pairs the students will find a place to sit and draw the scene they see in front of them. Will have them switch boards, the other adding their own touch to their partners drawings. Will trade back again, letting the original artist finish up the composition. We will talk about collaborative art while walking inside. When inside we will work on collaging unique outdoor nature scenes using different elements and putting them places maybe they wouldn’t usually be found. We will talk about color relationship and pattern within these collages.
Friday – On Friday we will take the collaged scenes they composed the day before and sketch it on large Bristol board. Will then paint this abstracted scene/landscape they collaged and drew. We will then talk about their favorite projects, what worked and what didn’t, and what was most challenging. Will then pick 1 or 2 finished compositions to display in the end of the week art exhibit.

           Within this painting course we will be exploring a variety of different paints in order to paint the world around us. We will be working with plein air, outside scenes and landscape drawing, as well as working in the classroom. We will focus on honing in on the painting styles and techniques of each individual student. They will express what they see around them, what they view everyday in nature, and also what they see right in front of them. From the small details of a blade of grass that you depict on a much larger scale, to a sweeping landscape, we will be looking at nature and the beauty it withholds. Lots of sketching, drawing, and painting will be taking place. There will also be lots of learning and talking about the different things we can do to keep the nature that we gain so much from, in good condition. We will be doing collages of our ‘perfect’ landscape and then render these in paint. Going outside, being around what we are making artwork of, and from, will really make for a fun, creative, inspiring environment.  Each individual student will be able to come up with their own style and method of painting these things around them they see. We will talk about landscape art and the role it has played throughout the centuries, and how it fits into the contemporary art world. We will play around with color and texture, and work on pieces that build up many layers of paint to create a relief painting with physical texture. We will be looking at lots of magazines and books to gain inspiration from, and some writing and storytelling will be incorporated into the art-making process. Overall, this class will be an amazing look into what we are surrounded by. We will be gaining knowledge, respect, and honing in on our artistic ability to depict the things around us.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

B.F.A. Piece

                             Seasons Change and So Do We

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer Bound

So.. all my trunk shows, the end of semester show, the BFA show, and A Sense of Place went off swimmingly. Some of my work sold, and I am a happy camper! I walked across stage and received my fake diploma with my class as I still have just a mere 3 credit hour psychology class to complete this summer! Also going to be working for the KCAI Continuing Education Department with and Under the Sea class, and two Art and Nature Painting courses. Things are going great, my artwork is better than ever and will consistently be evolving. I will soon be a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute with a 3.5 GPA and a great sense of accomplishment and pride for making it through the past 4 years. I am one lucky girl, and it feels so wonderful to have found my niche in the world and found what I love to do.
Hello summer!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Down to the Grind

So, it has been awhile! I have been so busy with classes, studio, trying to be outside as much as possible, and producing and using the equipment at the Kansas City Art Institute to the best of my ability before I don't have access to their equipment anymore. I have been focusing on the shawl format and have probably 6 or 7 new ones as of yet, and have started making bandana scarves that will be able to be marketed at a lower price, but still give people the chance to love, wear, and be enveloped in my art and in color without breaking the bank. The BFA senior show at the H&R Block KCAI Artspace is up and running through May 15th and one of my pieces is featured in that, last night was the opening of 'A Sense of Place' at the Monarch Gallery here in Kansas City which features 3 of my pieces. I am working away trying to get things ready for final crit, me and Mandi Burger's duo trunk show at Eclectics, my solo trunk show at KC Wearhaus, and.... GRADUATION! Things are all coming together and I am crossing my fingers at the opportunity to be a paid intern at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art this summer, working in their Education/New Dimension department. All in all I am a busy but happy clam, trying to fit everything into 24 hours is proving to be challenging, but I know I can do it. Will be posting photos from the different shows, photos of my new work, and information on what is to come of me:)
Thanks so much for all the love and support,
Weave Gone Nuts!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Art Exhibits and Trunk Shows

Participant in 'A Sense of Place' show at the Monarch gallery Friday, April 23, 2010 Opening 6-9
Eclectics Gallery Duo Trunk Show - Friday, April 30, 2010 Opening 6-9
KCWearhaus First Friday Solo Trunk Show - Friday, May 7, 2010 Opening 6-10
KCAI End of Semester Show and Sale - Friday, May 7, 2010 Open Fri (5pm-8pm) Sat (10pm-5pm) Sun 10am-2pm)
BFA Senior Exhibit at H&R Block Artspace April 27th


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Surface Design Association Award

Received the Surface Design Association (SDA) Outstanding Student Award of 2010 for my use and love of color in my work. The future of our field - art as it relates to fiber and fabric - rests on students who choose to make this their passion!
Go there! Their website is awesome:)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Opportunities

Just got the word that this summer I will be teaching for the KCAI Continuing Education Program with ages 6-8 and 9-11. Very excited to start my lesson planning and figuring out new and creative projects to do with them! Finding a space to have my solo exhibition at the end of the semester and involved in the BFA show, and 'A Sense of Place'. Things are opening up for me and can't wait to see what else comes with time! Making lots of connections with local galleries and boutiques and plan on having my work up at various places in Kansas City for the rest of the time we are here:) All in all, I'm a happy clam who needs to be working on midterm papers! Thought a quick update was in order, though! :):) Also, I am posting some recent photos of the shawls I am creating for this end of semester show. I hope to have 15-20 finished pieces. Any feedback or comments would be greatly

Monday, February 15, 2010

Post Numba One!

  • So the Legacy begins, Weave Gone Nuts is coming to you from yours truly, ME, Sarah. I will be updating this blog throughout the next couple of months with photos of my work, my different projects going on, and the process of getting a solo exhibition and sale up and rolling before my graduation from the Kansas City Art Institute. A Senior in the Fiber Department, throughout my four years I have learned many things but weaving is what I love. I will post pictures of the different equipment I use in the weaving process and also of the weavings themselves. I will also be updating this with funny anecdotal information about my artmaking and the things that go through my head while doing my art and thinking about my art. Beautiful pictures, quotations I find profound or relevant, inspiring artists, and info on Kansas City local gallery exhibitions and shows will all be things I will include. I'm sure a little bit of personal insight will also be posted at random on Weave Gone Nuts.

Love, Sarah