For the Love of Weaving

As I sit at my loom weaving I am entranced by the rhythm of the back and forth movement of the shuttle that trails a colorful weft. My feet push the pedals in an up and down motion, prompting the harnesses to move. I weave to create beautiful and functional fabrics that can be used by others. These weavings focus on pattern and color. My inspiration is found in the things around me ñ the different blues you see when looking out over the ocean or a lake; the bright reds, oranges, and browns you see as autumn comes and the leaves begin to fall; the brightness of a sunny spring day and the bright green of the grass and colors of the emerging flowers. These combine within the cloth and interact with one another, creating a symbiotic relationship between these intense, saturated colors that I dye. The patterns I choose for the woven structure are intended to create integrity within the fabric. I want these fabrics to withstand the test of time and their structures are designed to withstand being worn on the body. I am drawn to undulating, echo weaves that create a sense of vibration through color interaction and pattern. The moment one of my weavings comes off the loom and I can touch it, fold it, iron it, wash it ñ it becomes a piece of art that I want others to experience and be able to interact with. For this reason I focus mainly on the shawl format so the cloth can be worn and these weavings can serve a purpose by bringing joy to the lives of others.

Enwrapped In Color

Enwrapped In Color
Shawl Format Color and Pattern Interaction and Integration

Monday, February 15, 2010

Post Numba One!

  • So the Legacy begins, Weave Gone Nuts is coming to you from yours truly, ME, Sarah. I will be updating this blog throughout the next couple of months with photos of my work, my different projects going on, and the process of getting a solo exhibition and sale up and rolling before my graduation from the Kansas City Art Institute. A Senior in the Fiber Department, throughout my four years I have learned many things but weaving is what I love. I will post pictures of the different equipment I use in the weaving process and also of the weavings themselves. I will also be updating this with funny anecdotal information about my artmaking and the things that go through my head while doing my art and thinking about my art. Beautiful pictures, quotations I find profound or relevant, inspiring artists, and info on Kansas City local gallery exhibitions and shows will all be things I will include. I'm sure a little bit of personal insight will also be posted at random on Weave Gone Nuts.

Love, Sarah

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